Houston 3D Studio provides a multitude of 3D graphic design and multimedia services

Chicken Butt 2D Animation
Marketing with Creative Animation
Kid Energy Educational Animation

3D Animation for Any Industry

Gone are the days that education and entertainment are left to their respective industries. Audiences today expect content to have both qualities, regardless of industry. The dilemma many companies face is how to keep their audiences interested in their messages. The information might be there, but is the audience listening?

3D animation and graphics are a powerful way to quickly communicate information to audiences in an engaging and understandable way. Houston 3D Studio provides a complete solution for all of your 3D animation needs. With experience creating animations and graphics for a wide range of uses and for clients in various industries, our talented graphic designers and animators have the necessary experience and industry understanding to meet your business goals.

Full Service Animation Studio

We specialize in 3D graphic design and animated video production, with emphasis on special visual effects. Our animation services are great for both print content and digital media. We design and create custom 3D animated characters, mascots and logos that create interactive experiences that promotes audience engagement.

Whether you are looking for a complete turnkey solution or single service, Houston 3D Studio has the 3D animation and motion graphics capabilities to fit your needs. Our custom 3D services include: Animation, CAD Conversion, Camera Tracking & VFX, Character Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Logo Design, Product Animation, Prototyping, Rendering, Video Production and Web Design.

With our talented graphic designer’s and animator’s experience creating a variety of animated products, including interactive games, trade show presentations, medical and architectural visualizations, training modules and short-films, we are sure to have the expertise to transform your vision to reality.