CAT 3D Prototype Animation


Houston 3D Studio delivers detail specific prototypes to aid in production

Product Development with 3D Prototype Animation & Modeling

Houston 3D Studio is experienced in creating prototypes for the oil and gas industry as well as various other industries. Prototyping is a clear and effective way to communicate the design of a product or machinery. Prototypes act as a physical model of a product or its components to aid companies in product design and performance before mass production begins.

Our prototype animations are designed using 3D software to create objects in various dimensions and modify the look of the finished product, which can be precisely replicated.

Rapid Prototyping Services for Solid 3D Modeling

Houston 3D Studio creates 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 3D printing services, which help in creating prototype animations according to the company’s requirements. Prototyping helps businesses visualize the workings of a product or machinery to evaluate its effectiveness accordingly, enabling companies to easily modify their product or machine to suit their concepts.

Houston 3D Studio uses Model – Ease precision rapid prototyping services to create solid 3D ABS (plastic) or durable epoxy composite models. We also utilize laser etching, sand blasting and Tampo printing services to make the prototype to resemble the finished product as closely as possible. To aid in the production of prototypes, Houston 3D Studio helps with the process of vacuum casting of metals or plastics.

Our prototype animation services not only help to reduce the time and cost of product development, but also help to rectify the faults which may occur while assembling many components of a large product for industrial design and manufacturing.

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