Trade Show Presentation

3D Trade Show Presentations

Houston 3D Studio creates standout trade show exhibitions for oil & gas companies

Attendees at trade shows can certainly attest to the vast networking and marketing exposure that they can provide. Trade shows are a great place to gain and share technical knowledge and make valuable contacts within your industry. For oil and gas trade show presentations, like OTC, drawing spectator attention is critical for success. Houston 3D Studio can accomplish this through our staging solutions with 3D animated graphics, interactive media and video productions for your stand, display or exhibit.

Interactive Virtual Reality 

Incorporating 3D interactive displays to your trade show exhibit makes for a powerful presentation. With our 3D modelling expertise, Houston 3D Studio can create exciting and innovative visual applications that will appeal to your desired audience. Interactive 3D animation is a great way to showcase products with moving parts at any angle and dangerous scenarios that are impossible to capture with live video. By programming touch points on the models, we can give your audience the ability to interact with your display in a variety of ways. Houston 3D Studio has the capability to produce interactive 3D designs with stunning imagery and dynamic sound, making your trade show presentation a virtual reality.

3D Graphic Design & Multimedia Exhibits

By integrating 3D animated graphics with video, text and audio, Houston 3D Studio can transform your presentation into a true multimedia experience that is lively, informative and memorable. Using 3D animated graphics is a great attention-getting strategy because they are quite energetic and engaging. By using images that are continually in motion, it provides information in a rapid yet efficient manner and avoids losing audience attention due to its succinct content.

Because oil and gas trade show presentations typically have a large projected attendance level, a strong exhibition and showing is essential to leave a standing impression in the minds of your industry peers. Houston 3D Studio can help create a complete range of trade show media with custom 3D interactive and video presentations that will set the stage for an incredible viewing experience.

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