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Marketing for the Oil & Gas Industry

Houston 3D Studio provides full-service 3D marketing solutions for oil & gas

Houston 3D Studio’s animation services cover all of your 3D oil and gas marketing needs, from an interactive trade show exhibit for the annual Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) to 3D content for your social media marketing campaign. We have the necessary technology and experience in oil and gas animation and design to make your marketing visions come alive.


Interactive Experiences & Motion Graphics

Houston 3D Studio can transform your digital marketing campaign into a thrilling multimedia experience by incorporating interactive 3D animations. Interactive content is a highly effective conversion and educational tool for the oil and gas industry because it allows viewers to easily visualize and comprehend hard to explain concepts and dangerous scenarios.

Our talented graphic designers and animators can create stunning and accurate 3D simulations and videos that could enable viewers to observe the stroke of a pump on an oil rig or the actions of the workers on an oil tanker. Impossible to safely capture with live video production, photorealistic details about equipment and the strata that are below an offshore oil rig can be emphasized with our fly-through or walk-though animations. By using enlarged graphics of the individual sections of oil and gas machinery, your audience can also gain a clear understanding of moving mechanisms.

3D Printing & Illustration Services

Houston 3D Studio provides stunning 3D illustrations and graphics that can be used for your engineering or industrial design prototype, advertising handouts as well as for your internet marketing efforts. Whether you are looking to establish your oil company’s brand identity with our web design or logo design services or create a 3D model of your machinery concept for an investor presentation, we will deliver exceptional 3D products.

By adding another dimension to a graphic design, your logo design or print animation gains broader perspectives and views that they could not get from a flat 2D image, making it more interesting and engaging. Our illustrators can create vibrant 3D visualizations that can easily replace a long narrative. Let Houston 3D Studio help you with your internal or external marketing campaigns with our 3D animated videos and still graphics.

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