Interactive 3D Education

Houston 3D Studio helps educate kids with 3D interactive animation & video games

In the education industry, what works best to grow young minds is always changing. However, there has become a very strong shift into interactive learning to help students become more understanding of not only the subject that they are being taught, but also how to apply it in real life. A great way to combine interactive educational technology with something that will keep K-12 kids, toddlers and preschool students interested and make learning fun are 3D animations and graphics created by Houston 3D Studio.


Entertaining Educational Video Games

The adoption of e-learning and m-learning resources gives the ability to have every part of your curriculum available whenever a student needs it. Students can now study, work on homework and interact with their fellow classmates as well as their teacher quickly and easily. With all these advances in online and computer-based learning, more educators are using video games to help students learn their ABC’s to understanding complex concepts. Houston 3D Studio has experience creating animated 3D games for both mobile applications as well as for desktop computers.

Interactive 3D for Training & the Classroom

Including 3D interactive presentations and videos to your lesson plan makes for a powerful creative learning experience. With our expertise in 3D modeling and graphic design, Houston 3D Studio can create cutting-edge visual applications and simulations that will appeal to your students. Interactive 3D animation is a great kinesthetic learning tool that helps students visualize hard to explain concepts and gives them the ability to interact with your lesson in various ways, developing their tactile abilities. With our video production services and talented animators, Houston 3D Studio produces innovative interactive 3D designs with captivating imagery and sound, turning a lesson into a virtual reality.


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