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Entertainment in 3D

Houston 3D Studio creates show-stopping content for the entertainment industry

Entertainment services include:

Storytelling through 3D Animations

Regardless of method, the key to entertaining your audience is through storytelling. In this ever-growing digital world, 3D animation and motion graphics are an increasingly powerful way to communicate your story and captivate your audience. With constant advancements in 3D animation coupled with Houston 3D Studio’s talented graphic designers and animators, you have the tools for complete artistic freedom to create truly customizable content that is uniquely your own.

Houston 3D Studio works with you to deliver a one-stop innovative experience. We do extensive research to identify what your particular audience is looking for, employ the most up-to-date technology and designer talent, and give you an opportunity to preview and approve your vision before making a major investment.

Entertainment for the Digital Age 

Houston 3D Studio’s expertise in creating short films and micro-videos gives you the edge you need to grab the ever-shrinking attention span of this generation. Using professional video design, production and digital editing, our graphic designers and animators work with you to bring your online video and short film ideas to life.

Whether you want 3D cartoon animation, stop motion animation or anything in between, Houston 3D Studio has the capabilities to create show-stopping content worthy of film festival awards. Our character animation and 3D illustration services allow for endless possibilities in transforming your vision to reality.