Industrial CAD Conversion Designs

CAD Conversion

Houston 3D Studio converts your CAD drawing into accurate graphic design

CAD Conversion Services for Any Industry

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is used by various industries, including oil and gas, architecture, interior design, engineering design and many more to efficiently create, modify, analyze and optimize designs. Because CAD files are codified geometrical concepts used by design engineers for printing, machining and other manufacturing operations, it must be converted into a suitable format for use in animation software. Houston 3D Studio can convert any CAD file into a readable format for any animation software.

Translating Your Design in 3D

Houston 3D Studio helps our clients of various industry backgrounds convert their mechanical and technical drawings into stunning 3D visuals and models. Whether you need a building or machinery blueprint modeled in 3D or a visual representation of your existing 3D CAD drafting or CAD modeling file to create interactive simulations to test functionality, our graphic designers can create high quality 3D animations that will accurately visualize your designs.

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