Night Owl 3D Illustration

3D Illustration

Houston 3D Studio illustrates 3D designs that will captivate your audience

You’ve got a product, an idea, a business, an establishment, a cause. Let us help you present it in a way that comes alive. At Houston 3D Studio, we specialize in making your brilliance jump off the screen to your audience with 3D drawings. Your presentation will shine with the help of our state-of-the-art systems and diligent process.


Any Need Illustrated in 3D
Our clients range from the entertainment industry to advertising firms, from medical institutions to the oil and gas industry. Houston 3D Studio provides 3D design and illustration services to help you display your points to anyone who needs to know. A complex matter can be simplified and your services better understood with a high quality animated illustration. We make the great things that you do clearer to your audience.

Our talented 3D artists, illustrators and graphic designers create still imagery as well as animation. Whether you need a visual image for your architectural illustration, 3D home design, medical illustration or any illustrated product, we have the experience and skill to illustrate your imagination. You may need to develop just the right logo, the one that grabs the attention of your audience. We turn 2D logos into 3D logos that are appropriate for you and engaging for those who’ll see it. We also create great posters to illustrate your services when needed.

Character Design That Counts
You may have an iconic visual character who will serve as the face of your establishment or product for generations. Or you may just need to simulate real people doing really important work. We specialize in character animation that will make your brand name a household name. Using the latest techniques for prototype animation and special effects, we bring your characters into everyone’s world in a new and fresh way. Our top notch animation studio creates moving images that can be endearing, exciting, informative or whatever it is you want to convey.

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